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Welcome to Navashiksha

Fostering Growth: Providing trusted Preschool and Daycare services for over a decade @ Pallikaranai

Why Choose Navashiksha for Your Child?

At Navashiksha, a premium school in Pallikaranai, Chennai, we're dedicated to giving every child the best start in life.


Our play school, preschool, and daycare center are meticulously crafted to offer a nurturing and stimulating environment, fostering the growth and development of young minds. With an experienced and caring staff, we provide a safe and secure haven for your child's growth.

Our commitment extends to holistic development, igniting curiosity through engaging play-based learning, and empowering young minds with state-of-the-art modern facilities. At Navashiksha, we cherish the importance of parent involvement, considering it an integral part of our collaborative educational journey.

Life at Navashiksha

Our Classes


At our daycare, we provide a caring environment where children take their first steps and explore the joy of learning, fostering a lifelong love for knowledge.



In our lively playgroup, little ones grow through happy play and creative friendship, laying the groundwork for a bright journey of learning.



Explore the wonders of learning in our Pre-Kindergarten program, where curiosity flourishes and young imaginations begin their journey into the world of knowledge.

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